Sub​-​Aquatic Meditation

by Panabrite

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"Here’s one of Panabrite’s (Norm Chambers) firsts, getting a proper reissue on Aguirre. This was originally released as a split with Hobo Cubes on the Hobo Cult label. I am overjoyed that this epic masterpiece was re-released in such an appropriate way, with beautiful urchin layout and design by Chambers himself. Even thick 180g vinyl! You couldn’t ask for more. The font of the album info and the overall theme makes it feel retro, kind of like Jürgen Müller’s “Science of the Sea.” In fact, in Chambers’ own words much the same that inspired Müller to create his album was his inspiration too:

“I made this album a little over two years ago. I was really into these underwater-themed library and soundtrack albums at the time… vintage guys like Francois de Roubaix, Sven Libaek, Armando Sciascia, Eugen Thomass; really evocative and moody stuf with a slightly off-kilter sensibility. I wanted to fuse this kind of feel with some more spacey electronic tones to create little vignettes.

“There’s definitely a kind of nostalgic trip going on here in a way, which I can’t deny. Growing up in the 80′s a lot of those science films and documentaries featuring bloop-bleep type music really got ingrained in my mind, and to this day I look back at that aesthetic or idea for inspiration. I love aquatic-themes in music and films, etc… but I’m in no way an aspiring scuba-diver or anything. What really appeals to me is the visual/aural aesthetic and trying to create an auditory travelogue.”

This album is swimming with underwater moods and vivacity. You feel carried away with the power of water as far as its life-giving qualities. There are no harsh roars of the ocean or anything. You do, however, really experience the dancing vegetation and the floating creatures both gilled and ungilled. You feel adrift as an outside observer of a whole world of little activities, delicate work. The whole album is saturated with analog synth, vintage drum machines, diverse effects, and even rare use of guitar. It is a less tongue-in-cheek display of aquatic ecstasy than Dolphins into the Future. The album is genuine minimalism in which the only sonic surroundings are the gentle flurry of gliding and bubbling movements reflected in the instrumentation. It is a fragile world, but a fun and active one. A gorgeous theme-based combo of new age tranquility and kosmische muzik. You come away from this one dripping with bliss and soaked with serenity. A champion album. If you liked Jürgen Müller then this one’s up your alley. But I think any synth-lover will find this one special too."
-Foxy Digitalis (May 2012)


released March 1, 2012

Originally released in 2010 on cassette from Hobo Cult, as part of a split with Hobo Cubes entitled "Sub-Aquatic Meditation/Soma Satori"

Released on LP by Aguirre, March 2012.



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Norm Chambers/Panabrite/Jürgen Müller Seattle, Washington

Emerging from a love of early electronics, concrete/tape music, soundtracks and early new age, Chambers creates worlds of sound that touch on many elements and moods, from spatially motivated ambient to aspects of minimalist composition and improvisation. Chambers utilizes an array of synthesizer equipment to achieve his sounds, in addition to field sounds and occasional acoustic elements ... more

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