Soft Terminal

by Panabrite

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Released by Digitalis, March 2012


released March 1, 2012

Music composed and produced by Norm Chambers, 2011

"Panabrite is more than meets the eye. It is komische music, progressive rock, and more thrown into a surprisingly uniform album. Sound-wise it is very consistent. The synthesizers are emotive. Guitars adorn the album reminding me of long-lost Faust outtakes. Moods and tempos are what give it such diversity. The opening track ‘Rainbow Sequence’ sounds rather downbeat. However ‘Index of Gestures’ is pure positively. Transitioning nicely from the previous song, it is pure joy. It feels like a river of sound flowing about. Lower frequencies added later on in the song only contribute to this general feeling of ease. Eventually the lower end cuts out to a crystal clear ping-pong melody. Faust outtakes would be the closer and ‘Janus’ which has a low-key vibe to it. It’s so tender. The intermingling of the guitar and synthesizer is extremely soothing. By the end the synthesizer has floated on into space with the guitar following not far behind. My favorite track has to be ‘Camembert Symphony’. It sounds like the best of Spectrum Spools. There is such warmth to the track. And how it builds up is marvelous. First it begins with extended synthesizer chords before a clunky drum machine ambles along. Once this has begun it explodes into a polychromatic bliss. Yes the synthesizers come together as a symphony. Each section works together to create a sweepingly beautiful piece. By far this is the best piece on the entire album. ‘Soft Terminal’ is a diverse set with a clear vision. Parabrite’s dedication to their sound is admirable"
-Beach Sloth (March, 2012)

"For his part, Panabrite a.k.a. Noah Chambers is apparently one of the few that we can count on to lead a resurgence of all that synthy deliciousness. After numerous cassette releases and a recent 12-inch on Aguirre, he released his first “proper” LP, Soft Terminal on March 1 via Digitalis. A press release notes, “Some will be quick to chalk Soft Terminal up as another ‘synth record,’ but that’s just the surface dressing. There is something deeper and much more complex happening here. Vivid, liquid dreams are sculpted into intricate fantasy landscapes, each layer revealing what a wizard Chambers is.” So on and so forth. Short of suggesting that Chambers has magical powers, I will say that what I’ve sampled of his work is quite immersive. Oh yes, Panabrite, take me on a journey via cloud to a time when pubic hair was unkempt, and computers were room-sized…"
-Tiny Mix Tapes (March 2012)



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Norm Chambers/Panabrite/Jürgen Müller Seattle, Washington

Emerging from a love of early electronics, concrete/tape music, soundtracks and early new age, Chambers creates worlds of sound that touch on many elements and moods, from spatially motivated ambient to aspects of minimalist composition and improvisation. Chambers utilizes an array of synthesizer equipment to achieve his sounds, in addition to field sounds and occasional acoustic elements ... more

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